The Street Fighter 6 trailers are getting me hyped to once again pretend I’m finally going to get good at Street Fighter

The latest Street Fighter 6 trailer introduces Lily, “a descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe” who loves cameras and birds of prey, according to her profile (opens in new tab), and reveals Street Fighter veterans Zangief and my old Street Fighter 4 main, Cammy. The video (embedded above) appeared on Sony’s State of Play stream this week and is the last of the reveals for SF6’s 18-character launch roster (opens in new tab).

I was never actually very good with Cammy—my game was just “spiral arrow, spiral arrow, spiral arrow”—but I was probably better with her in SF4 than I’d ever been with any other character in a Street Fighter game, so I’m glad she made the cut. (A fun detail: The trailer includes a move Cammy does in Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie, as noticed by game designer @SamanthaZero (opens in new tab).)

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