iBUYPOWER celebrates the launch of the HYTE Y40 Case with two new RDY systems

Over the years, iBUYPOWER has built itself a well-deserved reputation for quality. Its pre-built systems are used not just by gamers, but also in LAN centers, esports tournaments, game development, streaming, and content creation. It probably helps that in addition to sporting  top-tier hardware the company’s gaming rigs also look incredible, courtesy of iBUYPOWER’s HYTE brand.

Speaking of HYTE, it announced a new case at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The HYTE Y40 is a reimagining of the iconic HYTE Y60. It’s essentially a sleeker, more compact version of its predecessor, pairing a glass-paneled front and side with an interior that’s specifically tailored for GeForce RTX 40-series graphics cards. 

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