We played the FPS with unlimited destruction, and it’s just as chaotic and glorious as you imagine

We were warned before our first match of The Finals, the debut multiplayer FPS from Embark Studios that’s been touting its impressive destruction tech (opens in new tab) since last year, that it’d take a while to learn how to use the freeform destruction to its fullest. Yea right (I thought), I’ve played Battlefield. I’ve got thousands of hours in the most destructible FPS around, Rainbow Six Siege—I know the value of making a new door with C4.

I was quickly humbled when, in the middle of nervously depositing cash on an exposed rooftop, the Embark developer on my squad suggested we get out of the open by simply blowing a hole below the cash box, dropping it inside of the building where we could easily defend. My brain could not compute—this is a central capture point instrumental in winning the match, and we can just move it around with explosives?

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