The Last Of Us Part 2’s Abby Model Still Receives Death Threats From Online Trolls

Jocelyn Mettler, the face model for Abby Anderson in The Last of Us Part 2, has revealed that she’s still on the receiving end of some pretty horrendous death threats from online trolls.

Mettler notes in the tweet below (which includes a particularly vile message from a hater) that she hasn’t been involved with Naughty Dog since 2017. Even so, some people apparently don’t have anything better to do than to continue to harass her.

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Unfortunately, Mettler isn’t the only one to have received harassment from so-called fans. Laura Bailey, who voices Abby in The Last of Us Part 2, was also subject toxic messages on social media, admitting she didn’t expect it to get as bad as it did.

The Last of Us Part 2 was released for PS4 in June 2020, and elements of the game are going to be adapted in the second season of HBO’s The Last of Us. You can read our full review of The Last of Us Part 2 here.

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