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If you wish to be a great Wild Hearts hunter you must rely on all your senses, not simply your sight, in order to successfully stalk and defeat your prey. The snapping of tree branches in the distance to your right, the plodding thuds that send vibrations through your body as impossibly heavy feet meet the earth, they all tell you plainly that a Kingtusk is passing through the forest. You ready your weapon, testing the bowstring which thrums reassuringly in your hand. You are ready.

This should give you a taste of how the PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller makes each and every hunt in Wild Hearts unforgettable. The hunt begins on February 17. Keep reading to discover what you can expect when you enter the land of Azuma and take on the mighty Kemono.

Haptic feedback

The beauty of the land around you can be both a blessing and a distraction while you pursue your massive prey. Your sense of touch can help ground you, keeping you focused on your pursuit as well as giving you vital feedback that can make the difference between victory and failure. Whether you are using a Karakuri to evade an attack or practicing with your weapons in Minato, Haptic feedback will sometimes speak louder than the mightiest Kemono’s roar.

A wooden gate – somewhat past its prime – blocks your way. You begin to push through it, but it’s surprisingly sturdy. Feel the resistance as it fights against you before, inevitably giving way to your strength.

You pursue your prey, leaping over gnarled tree roots and rocks that litter the forest floor. It begins to outpace you, but suddenly you see a spring Karakuri, a sure sign that luck is on your side today. You leap onto it, feeling the vibrations (thanks to your DualSense controller) as if through your own feet, and make up valuable ground quickly.

Of course not all sensations you experience through Haptics will be strictly necessary for the hunt. You may find it both useful and soothing to take time to interact with the gentler wildlife throughout Azuma. Make a new friend (or two) with a gentle pat on the back.

As a hunter, you must be one with your chosen weapon. You must know its weight, its speed, the sensation it makes as it contacts your prey or as you loose an arrow. As you might expect, a hefty maul will feel quite different from wielding a more delicate bladed wagasa, and in time you will come to know each one better via your DualSense controller.

Adaptive triggers

Carefully you take aim, pausing only long enough to draw in a breath. The reactive trigger as you ready your bow emphasizes its power, your commitment to protecting your people, and the respect you have for your giant prey. As you release your breath your arrow flies, dealing the Kingtusk a final, devastating blow.

3D Audio

The beauty of Azuma extends beyond what you can see. All around you the sounds of nature fill the air. Birds sing and chirp above you, the wind dances through a chime creating a soft melody, water rushes by with a soothing murmur. Enjoy the peacefulness of natural sounds all around you with realistic 3-D audio. At least until that peace is shattered by the roar of an enraged Kemono.

Life in Minato creates its own melody, made up of the chatter of villagers as they gossip or barter. Listen carefully and you may even be lucky enough to catch someone singing a folk song.

Hunt with friends

For some, the thrill of the hunt is best savored alone. But even the most deadly hunter may face a beast they cannot take down on their own. In Wild Hearts you can unite with up to two friends (or other players) to stalk and hunt your prey. Hunting in a party will enable you to expand your battle plans and special missions. And with Fast Loading you will be able to experience the game with your friends even more quickly.

Pre-order the Wild Hearts Karakuri Edition

Leave a lasting impression on your fellow hunters with the Wild Hearts Karakuri Edition which includes the base game and six items: the Karakuri Samurai and Karakuri Ninja cosmetic armor sets, a decorative Tsukumo Lantern, and three Emotes. If you pre-order the Karakuri Edition you will also receive the Ferocious Kemono Emote and five Chat Stamps.

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