EA DICE’s Sole ‘Medal Of Honor’ Game Shuts Down This Week, And We Wanted To See More

Medal of honor 2010

Most of you probably remember the Medal of Honor series from its so-called ‘glory days’ of the early 2000s. A bunch of WW2-themed MoH titles graced the original Xbox back then, before the series started to die off in tandem with Call of Duty’s meteoric Modern Warfare-fuelled rise to stardom. However, EA did attempt to follow in Activision’s footsteps before all-but killing the series off, and the attempt spawned a very interesting project.

Essentially, EA went the reboot route with ‘Medal of Honor 2010′ as it’s known – a modern-themed shooter crafted to try and compete with Call of Duty at the time. While EA studio Danger Close rustled up the game’s single player campaign, the FPS veterans over at DICE wholly developed the multiplayer portion, and it was actually really fun.

MoH 2010’s multiplayer, to sum it up, was DICE’s ‘Battlefield: Bad Company‘ framework turned into something that closely resembled Call of Duty. Lessen the importance of vehicles and classes, and add in loadouts, killstreaks and comparatively tiny levels and you’re about there. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch but DICE had a really solid Bad Company 2-based foundation to build from with this one; we ended up putting quite a lot of time into it back in the day.

Well, more than a decade after it launched, the game’s servers are officially shutting down on Xbox 360 and PS3 this week on February 16th. The closure has been listed on EA’s support site for a good while now — along with a few other Medal of Honor games including the backwards compatible Airborne — but this one in particular still had a small community going a fair few years after launch, and we’ll be sad to see it go!

The game was never made backwards compatible so we haven’t played it much in recent years, and we’re not sure if there’s even anyone left playing at this stage. As we near its closure later this week we might have to spool it up one last time though, in the hope that DICE’s only Medal of Honor battlefields aren’t a complete ghost town in 2023.

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