Archeology coming to Minecraft 1.20

You read that title correctly, dear reader. Archeology is coming to Minecraft! But that’s not all. We’re going to be revealing the remaining features for Minecraft 1.20, so keep your eyes on and our social channels. You can start digging, dusting, and testing out all the new features in snapshots, betas, and previews that will be coming to you very soon! Keep in mind that this is just the very first iteration, we will be adding a lot more as we continue to develop this feature. Check out these instructions for installing snapshots, betas, and previews so you’re prepared when they make it to a device near you!

When you’re ready to get started with your new career as a Minecraft Archeologist, or M’archeologist as it’s known colloquially, head out to a nearby desert. That’s where the sand lives. Yes, yes, beaches have sand too. Good for them. But we’re looking for a special type of sand today. Pick a nice plot near some desert temples and start shoveling. As we continue to work on archeology, more dig site areas will be added. So keep sending us your feedback and checking in on future snapshots, betas, and previews to stay up to date on where to dig! 

While you’re digging, look out for a new block: suspicious sand! As the name suggests, you need to tread carefully here. Or rather, brush carefully. Along with new blocks and a general air of mystery, archeology also brings a new tool: The brush. Break it out, and carefully brush your block of suspicious sand. This allows you to extract whatever is hiding within, which can be anything from pottery shards to random objects! 

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