Whisker Squadron: Survivor is a neon Star Fox roguelite that you can play on PC right now

The creators of the excellent, minimalist Race the Sun (opens in new tab) have once again tasked us with pushing a high-speed ship to its limits, this time in the Star Fox-inspired Whisker Squadron: Survivor (opens in new tab). Instead of a race against time, it’s a shooter, with neon corridors filled with obstacles and laser-spitting enemies. It’s a good time, and you can take it for a spin now by downloading the Steam Next Fest demo. 

Whisker Squadron: Survivor is a roguelite deal, where you select a feline pilot, ship, weapons and perks, and then head into a series of increasingly deadly corridors, using scrap claimed from fallen foes to level up through a series of randomised upgrades. If you fail, you have to start over, but with a leg up thanks to the points you earned on the previous run, which let you purchase new ships and perks as well as unlocking different tabby pilots. 

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