‘Shift Happens’ is a gorgeous book about the story of keyboards

As I pound my fingers dutifully into the square panels in front of me to create words, I realise my ignorance. While mechanical keyboards are in my wheelhouse, I don’t really know much about how keyboards got where they are today. There’s hundreds of years of development behind these things. How did we get from the first commercial typewriters of the 1800s to these wondrous boards (opens in new tab) of clacky switches and bright RGB lighting? Or even haunted AI typewriters? (opens in new tab)

Thankfully, this question is being answered by Marcin Wichary, who has a long history of turning keyboard nerdery into truly engaging stories (opens in new tab). Wichary has recently launched an already fully funded Kickstarter (opens in new tab) to turn the history of keyboards into a pair  of beautiful books. To make this project even better, the collection is called Shift Happens.

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