Nintendo says many Switch owners double-dipped for the OLED, kids to seniors are playing


As part of their Q3 Fiscal Year report, Nintendo shared some insight into sales of the Switch in general. When it came to the Switch OLED in particular, Nintendo shared that not only are new customers picking up the OLED, but current Switch owners jumped in as well.

The diversification of motives for purchase by consumers underpinned sales of all three models in the Nintendo Switch family of systems. In addition to first-time purchases, we are seeing many consumers choose Nintendo Switch – OLED Model as a replacement or as an additional purchase.

[Nintendo Q3 Fiscal Year Report]

Along with that, Nintendo shared that they continue to see a very wide range of ages enjoying Switch and its games.

…As the hardware install base grows, many people continue to play Nintendo Switch in a variety of ways. Moreover, people across a wide range of ages from children to seniors are playing Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch is in an environment where titles are available to a wider audience than ever before, and multiple new titles released in this period saw significant growth in unit sales.

[Nintendo Q3 Fiscal Year Report]

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