Pharaoh: A New Era used a ‘certified Egyptologist to ensure the game’s historical accuracy’

Pharaoh: A New Era (opens in new tab), a remake of the classic 1999 city builder from Sierra, is set to launch on Steam next week, and to ensure fans are ready for it publisher Dotemu has released a lengthy trailer showcasing its overhauled graphics and gameplay, and also dropped some hints on how to get off to a strong start.

The video covers all the basics, from the usual resource gathering and early construction to setting up trade missions with nearby cities. It also shows off the “completely redesigned” UI in Pharaoh: A New Era, which is aimed at simplifying the job of building and managing cities, and of course the new and improved visuals—it’s been a quarter century since the original, after all, and while that’s not exactly ancient in a civilizational context, it’s pretty old as far as videogame graphics go.

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