The Pure Nintendo Podcast has launched!

Fellow Nintendo fans, prepare to be dazzled! Welcome to the first episode of The Pure Nintendo Podcast!

This week, Jemma and Roger talk about Nintendo news, including the Nintendo Pictures Announcement and the first update for Mario Strikers: Battle League. We also dig into the latest issue of the Pure Nintendo Magazine and discuss some of our favorite articles.

There’s plenty of talk about the games we’ve been playing and reviewing, including APICO and Long Live the Queen. Plus there’s also some Sonic talk as Jemma and Roger discuss our Twitter poll on the Pure Nintendo channel in celebration of Sonic Origins.

Finally, we wrap up the show with Jemma’s eShop pick of the week.

Check out our new show below, or find the Pure Nintendo Podcast on any of your favorite podcast listings.

Our new show is a weekly podcast where we disuss anything and everything Nintendo-related. We’re still running our specialized Koopa Kast as well, so stay tuned for our next series of episodes now that we’ve wrapped up our Zelda discussion.

In the meantime, let us know if you enjoyed our first show! We’d love to know your thoughts on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, so get in touch!

You can also support us over on – we’re bringing back print! – or follow us on Twitter at

Time stamps

00:00:12 – Intro
00:01:37 – What is Pure Nintendo?
00:10:30 – Who are the hosts, Jemma and Roger?
00:22:12 – Have you heard? Gaming News

  • Nintendo Pictures Announcement
  • Mario Strikers: Battle League Updates

00:37:00 – Have you read? Articles from Pure Nintendo
00:46:52 – Games we are currently playing

  • Long Live the Queen

00:54:22 – Pure Nintendo Poll: Sonic the Hedgehog
01:01:09 – Jem’s eShop gem: Infernax


Gigakoops – Tunnel of Hate
Rolemusic – If Pigs Could Sing

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