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When FTL: Faster Than Light creators Subset Games first announced their follow-up title Into the Breach back in 2017, I was positive it would come to mobile. After all, it was a turn-based strategy game which is a genre that just sings on the touchscreen, and given the critical acclaim that FTL received when it was ported to the iPad in 2014, bringing their new game to mobile seemed like a no-brainer, right? Right!?

Well Into the Breach on mobile never materialized in the years since its original PC release, and while Subset never officially squashed the idea of that happening it certainly didn’t seem like a high priority. This week though my prayers were answered as Into the Breach finally did make its way to mobile devices, just not exactly the way I thought it would. It launched as part of the Netflix Games library, and thus one of the best games around is essentially locked behind a subscription service.

I certainly have thoughts on subscription services, but I think it’s safe to say that’s the way the video game industry, and many other industries for that matter, are heading. I’m also an existing Netflix subscriber that enjoys the content available on the streaming service and who views these mobile game offerings as something of a bonus to a thing I’d be paying for anyway. But if you DON’T have Netflix and you REALLY want to play Into the Breach on mobile? Well, the only way is to subscribe.

I’m not really here to comment on subscriptions though. I’m here to recognize an outstanding game on mobile, and Into the Breach is just that. A good game is a good game despite the circumstances in which you’re able to play it, and we’ve previously picked a Netflix game, or an Apple Arcade game, or even a GameClub game if I recall correctly as our Game of the Week winners.

It’s kind of a shame to waste so much time getting into the weeds about this sort of thing instead of just talking about how fabulous Into the Breach is. How it’s a turn-based strategy game on the surface, but has an almost puzzle-like quality in how you must approach ever battle that makes it unlike any other turn-based strategy game out there. How the art and soundtrack are just as epic as the gameplay. Things we pointed out in our 5 star review. This game is so stupidly good and I’m so thrilled that after several years it’s finally on my platform of choice.

So hey, if you don’t have Netflix, certainly go search out Into the Breach on PC or Switch and play it there. The huge Advanced Edition content update that is a part of this new mobile release has also launched for all other versions of the game. Just play Into the Breach however the heck you can. BUT, if you DO have Netflix, then indulge and enjoy in this new mobile version that, despite being able to sync your progress from other platforms, does play like a dream and fits snugly in your pocket (if you’re on an iPhone that is).

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