Saudi Arabia’s $1T Mirror City plan looks like a videogame concept, and should probably stay that way

Saudi Arabia’s longstanding project to build Neom (opens in new tab), a science fiction megacity on the Red Sea, has seen a renewed marketing push, with a revamped official website and a spurt of activity on the project’s official Twitter account. The Neom page has been posting concept videos and images of “The Line,” a proposed “vertical city” 200 meters wide and 170 kilometers (105 miles) long that would form a component part of the wider initiative.

First, the positives: This shit looks like Destiny. This thing looks like the dang Citadel from Mass Effect, Hollywood-caliber concept art of white terraces and neon signs with lush greenery throughout. It’s like the rich part of Shanghai in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It’s interesting to see something like this imagined on the planet we inhabit.

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