Dive into a Floating Platformer – Ynglet is out Now on Xbox

We’re excited to share that Ynglet has just released on Xbox One!

Ynglet is a platformer with no platforms. You play as a jellyfish-like creature, jumping between floating bubbles, in search of your friends separated by a comet.


The story is explained through a short cutscene with no dialog or text. Each of the friends you’re searching for looks and behaves differently, with lots of visuals and interactions when helping them out of sticky situations.

With fluid difficulty and movements, you’ll jump between floating, hand-drawn illustrations, and unusual creatures. Melt into a highly reactive and dynamic soundtrack created by Ynglet’s custom (and needlessly complicated) music software.


The launch on Xbox One brings additional content to the game, including new levels, new “platforms” and an unlockable minigame!

The hand drawn art style of Ynglet takes a fresh ‘illustrated’ approach, reminiscent of expressive doodles come to life. There’s lots of unusual creatures doing their own thing, making the world feel alive.


Play Ynglet at your own pace, with granular difficulty settings. The ability to set quick respawn points at any time means repeating frustrating sections is never required. Ynglet also has a community who love speed running the game, if that’s more your speed. We hope you’ll enjoy Ynglet on Xbox One!

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