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The AI game developer platform, Ludo AI, has launched a mobile-friendly website to make their game research tools even more accessible. Ludo, for those unfamiliar, provides developers with the tools to research and ideate their next game, and it will now work on their chosen mobile device.

These tools include the Game Ideator, which allows users to base their searches on their favourite games and build inspiration for their next project. The Game Elements feature can reportedly reduce game design time by 50 per cent by generating a series of game elements in minutes, such as NPCs (non-player characters) and gaming items.

Ludo also contains research tools such as Daily Trends and Top Charts, which provide data on the latest trending games and gaming topics from various storefronts. A brand new feature, the Top Charts Blender, allows users to combine aspects of their favourite ideas with the Game Ideator to make entirely new game concepts.

Developers can use its trend feature to identify popular themes and topics that resonate with their target audiences. Since the website became available on mobile, developers can access these features from anywhere to get a headstart on their ideation process. The platform includes an incredible amount of data and a wide array of tools to use while on the move, specifically assembled to help developers to start working on their idea anywhere at any given time.

“Since launching our new mobile-friendly website, we have seen an uptick of 80 per cent in new signups from mobile devices. We continue to believe in the ability state-of-the-art AI has in empowering and supporting game developers. In launching this new mobile version of the platform, Ludo continues to save developers time and make the game creation process more efficient than ever before,” said Ludo founder and CEO, Tom Pigott.

Ludo has been advancing at a steady pace in its attempt to make game development processes more efficient. Back in February, the firm revealed the beta launch of its latest AI tool, the Image Generator, and now – in just six months – it has launched a mobile-friendly website with its prime features.

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