Today’s Wordle 421 answer and hint: Sunday, August 14

You’ll find a clue to help you solve today’s Wordle just a short scroll away, and if you keep going you’ll see the answer to the August 14 (421) puzzle just below that. I can also offer you a wide range of tips as well as links to our Wordle guides too—whatever you need to help you solve your daily Wordle game, it’s in here.

I’ve discovered something more frustrating than losing a game of Wordle, and that’s feeling a much better guess come to mind the exact same moment I hit the Enter key on my keyboard. Add further irritation when the thing I could’ve input turns out to be the right answer too. Watching those letters flip over knowing I had the answer and didn’t type it out is nothing short of agony

Wordle hint

Today’s Wordle: A hint for Sunday, August 14

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