Juggle enemies to hell with a grappling hook and mighty kick in this stylish FPS

In 2006, Arkane Studios let loose a quiet FPS miracle with Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: a fantasy melee FPS with a fast kick move that didn’t do much damage, but would instantly ragdollize almost any enemy (opens in new tab) in this early Source engine game. Ample physics hazards and precarious drops combined to make Dark Messiah an absolute slapstick hoedown. 

Dark Messiah’s kick was so breathtakingly, life-changingly satisfying it was never seen again until 2021’s Deathloop. Now developer Alexy “cptnsigh” is building a hybrid character action game/FPS built around that same perfect attack, with a recently-released demo for Shady Knight (opens in new tab) proving an absolute blast.

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