Xbox Adds More Perks For Game Pass Ultimate Members (August 2022)

Xbox Adds More Perks For Game Pass Ultimate Members (August 2022)

The Xbox Game Pass Perks program is back again in August 2022, and we’ve got some interesting Perks on the way / already included this month, including a new Fall Guys costume and DLC for the Xbox 360 classic, Skate 3!

So, here are some Xbox Game Pass Perks to look out for in August 2022:

  • Century: Age of Ashes – Krod Slaglands Dragon Bundle

Unleash bestial power with the Krod Slaglands dragon and its Nightfiend armour, the Skeldian Relic Player Icon and a 3-Day XP Booster.

  • Fall Guys – Coconut Milk Costume

Relax, take a sip and get ready to grace the Blunderdome with your tropical presence in the all-new Coconut Milk Costume!

  • Minecraft – Swamp Dweller’s Bundle

Are you feeling froggy? Look the part by getting your sticky webbed fingers on the new Muddy Sweater and matching Muddy waders along with the Hoppin’ emote!

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – August Monthly Member Bonus

Jump into the all new PSO2 New Genesis with some items to give you a hand! N-Half Scape Dolls (x5) to help revive you during intense battles, and Photon Chunks (x50) to strengthen weapons and units.

  • Skate 3 – Upgrade Bundle (Available on August 11th)

Upgrade your Skate 3 experience, courtesy of EA Play, with the Upgrade Bundle that includes the Skate Create Upgrade Pack, Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC Pack and Black Box Distribution Skate Park.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online – Noweyr Pack (Available on August 16th)

Journey across Tamriel with elegance by adding an enchanting purple mount, matching pet, and two crates containing useful rewards to your collection. This Perk content requires ESO base game to use.

  • Vigor – Thieving Fisherman Pack

Even a nuclear apocalypse won’t stop a thieving fisherman like you from enjoying catching some cod in Norwegian waters! You might not be the only fisherman in the Outlands, but you’ll sturely have enough firepower to defend against anyone who dares to disrupt your peace!

All of these can be claimed on Xbox consoles or the Xbox app for Windows 10, and don’t forget that previous Perks are still available such as the 3 free months of Discord Nitro, Halo Infinite Pass Tense Rocket Warhog Bundle, Naraka: Bladepoint Awakening Bundle and much more!

Interested in any of these? Let us know what you’ll be redeeming in the comments below.

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