GOD OF WAR 2 Full Game Walkthrough – No Commentary (#GodofWar2 Full Game) 2018

God of War 2 Full Game Walkthrough This is God of War 2 Gameplay Walkthrough that covers Part 1 up until the Final Part of our Full Game Walkthrough with No Commentary. This video contains God of War 2 All Cutscenes, All Boss Fights, All Campaign Missions & the ending of God of War 2 with No Commentary.

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God of War Description

Two Epic Adventures of Conquest, Destiny, and Vengeance, God of War® and God of War® II, return! In God of War® Collection, players will experience the dark world of Ancient Greece through Kratos, a brutal warrior determined to murder the God of War and alter what no mortal has ever changed… fate itself.

* God of War® and God of War® II (two download files)
* Remastered at a resolution of 720p
* Anti-aliased graphics for 60 frames per second gameplay
* Full PlayStation®Network (PSN) Trophies Support for each title.
* Does not include bonus/behind-the-scene materials

Additional purchase info: For one price get access to this product for BOTH PS3™ and PlayStation®Vita systems. Purchase it on one system and it’s automatically available in the PlayStation®Store on the other. Purchasing account may download item to up to 2 activated PlayStation®Vita systems and 2 activated PS3™ systems associated with this Sony Entertainment Network account.

This item is being licensed or sublicensed to you by Sony Computer Entertainment America and is subject to the Network Terms of Service and User Agreement, this item’s use restrictions and other applicable terms located at www.us.playstation.com/support/useragreements. If you do not wish to accept all these terms, do not download this item.

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