Dr. Disrespect’s game is called Deadrop, watch some early gameplay footage

Midnight Society, the development studio founded by Dr. Disrespect, has revealed the name and some background details about the multiplayer FPS formerly known as Project Moon. It’s called Deadrop, and according to the Midnight Society website (opens in new tab), it’s set in the year “2020.b”, when self-governed megastructures called Refiner States turn toxic atmospheric pollutants into a valuable addictive substance called “space dust”.

The summary goes on: “Once Government-owned facilities, the lucrative ‘DUST’ trade has now led to the forced occupation of the REFINER STATES by competing factions fighting for control of the towers and the resources inside.” Players will presumably take the role of members of those factions, the Skins and Syns, who fight each other and the Cleaners who currently control the Refiner State skyscrapers.

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