Bungie is making a drastic change in response to player complaints about timegating in Destiny 2

Once again, Bungie has listened to the fans and heard the feedback, and as a result it’s making a pretty big change to how it delivers story content in the second Episode of Destiny 2’s Final Shape expansion: Instead of spacing out major story beats on a weekly cadence, it’s going to drop all them at once at the start of each act, so players can take on the narrative content “at whatever pace they want to play it.”

Since 2017, Destiny 2 has run on a seasonal model, with each new season adding new activities and weekly story-telling not unlike a Saturday morning cartoon, complete with occasional plot twists. (Who can forget Nezarec, Final God of Pain being turned into a cup of tea in the finale of Season of Plunder.) However, players had become vocally tired of a format that meant most weeks ended with a message along the lines of: “Please wait for X to complete processing Y before we continue with Z.”

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