Bungie Wins Precedent-Setting Trial Against Cheat Site AimJunkies

Bungie, like any publisher of a hugely popular online multiplayer game, has had its fair share of cheaters to deal with, and has become more and more aggressive in fighting them off.

The latest example of that comes in the form of what could prove to be a huge court win, as Bungie has defeated Phoenix Digital, owner of website AimJunkies, where cheat mods for Destiny 2 were distributed that Bungie claimed violated its copyrights.

A jury agreed with Bungie’s claim, and awarded Bungie $63,210, though the real win as The Verge and others have pointed out, is the precedence this sets for publishers challenging the legality of cheating software.

Phoenix Digital will be moving to have to verdict dismissed, and failing that plans to appeal, claiming that Bungie did not in fact prove a copyright violation happened. This verdict however now counts as the second court victory Bungie has had over Phoenix Digital and AimJunkies.

In February 2023, Bungie won $4 million in its case against AimJunkies claiming that AimJunkies violated Bungie’s copyright to make its cheats. Phoenix Digital is still appealing that verdict, though in both cases it looks like Phoenix Digital is fighting an uphill battle.

Source – [The Verge]

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