Don’t worry, you’re not missing out by boosting straight to level 20 in Fallout 76

Ah, so you watched the Fallout show and caught the Bethesda bug too. Instead of starting another Fallout 4 playthrough like half of my friends list, I’ve opted to give Fallout 76 a fair shake after noping out of it six years ago. If you’re doing the same, then you’ll notice a lot has changed. The main quest has been completely reworked with new branching storylines starring NPCs and factions, but one of the bigger changes comes as soon as you leave the vault. 

Before you’ve taken your first step in Appalachia, Fallout 76 asks you to make a big choice: Start as a fresh level 2 vault dweller, or boost immediately up to level 20 as a “battle ready” dweller. I was really hesitant to take the boost at first—I was worried skipping ahead was an option intended for long-time players making a second character, and that going down that road would mean skipping introductory quests. Turns out that’s not the case at all. Choosing the level 20 option doesn’t lock you out of any quests whatsoever, or even meaningfully change your challenge level, since enemies generally scale to your level no matter what.

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