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Ubisoft+ Classics is a curated catalog of Ubisoft games for players to explore, inviting them on adventures to explore the ancient worlds of England, Greece, and Egypt; test their tactical prowess; race across the wilderness; and more. With a library of over 50 standard edition titles, Ubisoft+ Classics adds new content monthly. Subscribers can expect The Crew 2 and OddBallers in April, The Settlers: New Allies and Watch Dogs in May, and Anno 1800 in June.

Most recently, For Honor’s new season, Forged in War, came to Ubisoft+ Classics. For Honor immerses players in an age-old war featuring three of the most notorious fighting factions in history: Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, and the new year is bringing even more to the shores of Heathmoor. Forged in War focuses on the weapons For Honor’s Heroes wield in battle to achieve victory.

In addition to For Honor, check out five of the most popular games on Ubisoft+ Classics:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The 5 top-played games on Ubisoft+ Classics – PlayStation.Blog

English shores await raiding Vikings. As Eivor, players will fight Saxons, forge alliances, and build up their Ravensthorpe settlement. Eivor will also meet Hidden Ones who task Eivor with eliminating members of the powerful Order of the Ancients who have infiltrated all levels of society. As players roam thick forests, purple heaths, and ancient cities, they’ll uncover plenty of mysteries and side stories, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla also gives players a chance to experience stories from Norse mythology – albeit with an Assassin’s Creed twist.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

A military survival game, Ghost Recon Breakpoint will test players in their ability to survive almost as much as their prowess in open combat and stealth. Players take on the role of a Ghost special agent, sent to the Aurora Archipelago to hunt down traitorous Wolves. Aurora is a diverse environment, ranging from frigid mountains to dry deserts to futuristic cities, and each biome has unique advantages and disadvantages. Taking this into account will be crucial to survival – and taking out the enemy before they’re even aware they’re in danger.

Far Cry 6

Antón Castillo is Yara’s brutal dictator whose relentless drive to produce Viviro – a purported miracle cancer treatment – leaves countless destroyed lives in his wake. Dani Rojas didn’t plan on joining the rebellion, but after an attempt to flee Yara goes horribly wrong, they fall in with the Libertad guerrillas and their fight to free Yara. As players explore Yara’s diverse regions, Dani will meet many Yaran citizens as well as animal companions that will fight by their side like Chorizo the dog, Guapo the crocodile, and Chicharron the fighting rooster.

Watch Dogs: Legion

London’s falling in the dystopian near-future. Underground hacker organization DedSec has been framed for a bombing, and now work to clear its name, take back London, and protect its citizens from police and organized crime alike. The twist is that anyone can be in DedSec, thanks to Watch Dogs: Legion’s unique play-as-anyone feature, meaning players can recruit and play as any NPC they meet in the open world – yes, even the “bad” ones. Each character has their own backstory and skill set, as well as technological tools and weapons, so choose your team carefully when planning how to execute a mission.

Riders Republic

US National Parks have been transformed into an extreme sports playground in Riders Republic. Snowboard or ski down the slopes of Mammoth Mountain; BMX through Zion; wingsuit across Bryce Canyon; and so much more. Players can also take part in multiplayer Mass Races, which pit them against 64 other players to see who can finish the course first.

Check out the full list of games included in a Ubisoft+ Classics subscription at

Ubisoft+ Classics is available as a standalone subscription for $7.99 USD per month, and is included for PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Extra members.

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