Wordle today: Answer and hint #1018 for April 2

Unlock your full Wordle potential with our help. Teach yourself how to make the most of every line with our general tips. Give Tuesday’s game a quick boost with a hint written especially for the April 2 (1018) game. Or simply bask in the glory of an easy win with today’s answer. However you want to play, we’ve got it covered.

Oh c’mon Wordle, surely I deserve better than a full row of greys to start the day? Apparently not. At least I recovered quickly. Well, quick-ish. Kind of. Look, I found the answer before I hit the bottom and if Wordle still calls that a win, then that’s a win—even if it didn’t feel like it. 

Today’s Wordle hint

(Image credit: Josh Wardle)

Wordle today: A hint for Tuesday, April 2

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