Roman Reigns Reveals He’s Still On Very Potent Medication For His Leukemia

Roman Reigns gives a medical update.

The Tribal Chief famously announced back in 2019 that he was in remission from leukemia, one of the final acts of him as a babyface before turning into his current heel persona the next year. During Roman’s A&E Biography about his WWE career, the Undisputed Universal Champion revealed that he does still take very potent medicine to combat his condition.

I think adversity is a constant reminder of what the world is and what life is, and it’s not fair. I think it’s a form of resistance training that we have to go through to strengthen ourselves. So I think adversity is a key ingredient to any success story. For leukemia, if you caught it an early enough stage like I did, you’re able to take, essentially, a medication, a very potent medication that I’m still on to this day, but it’s pretty much just a conditioning of getting your body used to these toxic medications and just hoping for the best.

Roman will in action twice this weekend for WrestleMania 40. On night one, he will be teaming with The Rock to face Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. On night two, the champ defends his prize against Rhodes for the second year in a row.

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