Star Trek Resurgence Game Review – Worth The Wait?

The long awaited Star Trek Resurgence is here. The game, developed by Dramatic Labs (the people behind Telltale Games and the massively successful The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us and Batman The Telltale Series). The story puts you right after the events of Star Trek The Next Generation as you take control of two characters, Commander Rydek and a lower deck character, Petty Officer Diaz (an engineer). It isn’t long before you’re thrusted into a multi-dimensional conflict between two warring factions that will test your skills in multiple areas. Star Trek Resurgence has went through numerous delays and has long been clamored for by Trek fans. Is it worth the wait? Lets find out.

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Thank you to Dramatic Labs for the review code for the Xbox Series X and the PC (not tested in time).

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