Jim Ryan Is Reportedly Stepping Down As President Of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Jim Ryan has been the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment since 2019 officially, and was deputy president for a year before that, the final step of his rise through the ranks of the company that began in 1994.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reported that two sources told Schreier the Jim Ryan would be stepping down from his role. If this is the case, this could mean a massive shift in PlayStation moving forward.

In the sense that whoever would fill the role would have the power to make massive changes to how the company runs, though that’s all going to go down to the person that does take the spot.

Schreier’s historically not one to fire from the hip in these instances, so it’s likely that these sources are to be believed. Still, nothing’s official until a proper statement from Ryan or PlayStation says as much.

Prior to this there had been no signs that Ryan would be taking his leave, if anything it felt more like he was going to be around throughout the PS5 lifespan.

Which, may not have been to the fans liking, as Ryan has never been very popular with PlayStation’s community. A bit of a mark against Ryan that never went away, especially when being compared to previous executives within the company who had many fans among the players.

Of course no one is at the top forever, and things are always changing so quickly in this industry.

Source – [Bloomberg]

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