Starfield mod lets you zip between planets seamlessly

Starfield’s space travel isn’t exactly satisfying: no matter how much the music swells and the engines roar, travel itself is just a series of short cinematic sequences and loading screens. No one was expecting Starfield to be a sim like Elite Dangerous or a seamless experience like No Man’s Sky, but I think a lot of players agree Starfield’s travel system is just a little… meh. You never feel like you’re really flying anywhere.

A new Starfield mod addresses this issue, sorta, and fixes it, kinda. At the very least, it gives you a different way to fly your ship. It’s called Slower Than Light – Fly in a Star System. Essentially if you’re in orbit around one planet or moon in a star system, you can now fly directly to another planet or moon in the same system. Seamlessly. No cinematics or loading screens at all. It’s pretty cool.

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