Path of Titans – Official Night Stalker Update Launch Trailer

Path of Titan’s Night Stalker update is available now for the closed beta Founder’s Edition of the survival sandbox MMO, where you play as a dinosaur. Watch the tense launch trailer to see what to expect with the Night Stalker update, which brings new buffs and abilities for raptors and venomous creatures at night, and more.

In the Night Stalker update for Path of Titans, the abilities introduced, such as Midnight Hunter and Night Stalker, will increase the mystique and thrills of dinosaur combat in nighttime encounters. Small and midsized carnivores will see their prowess increased after dark with more than ten new and updated abilities. Abilities such as The Call of the Night Terrors will provide the Latenivenatrix with a boost to stamina recovery and damage, making it the ultimate predator.

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