How to help Adelina in Lies of P

If you’ve met Adelina in Lies of P, you must have already made your way through Rosa Isabelle Street and its myriad hazards to the Estella Opera House. Krat’s most beloved singer became trapped on the upper floors after the puppet frenzy began, and to make matters worse, she’s got a nasty case of Petrification Disease and doesn’t have long left.

Adelina does have a last request, however; a piece of fruit to slake her thirst. If you’ve yet to find Adelina, the easiest way is to head right up the stairs as you enter the Opera House, then up another level and past the big spider puppet. Once you arrive at the balcony overlooking the burning chandelier, turn left to find Adelina’s room. All that said, here’s how to help Adelina and find some fruit.

Where to find fruit for Adelina

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