Aspyr, Saber hit with class-action lawsuit over Star Wars KOTOR 2 DLC cancellation

Back in June, after previously confirming that it was in the works, Aspyr Media announced that the “Restored Content” DLC expansion for Star Wars KOTOR 2 was cancelled. Even worse, Aspyr never shared a definitive reason why the decision was made. Months later, it’s very clear that this decision still isn’t sitting well with some fans, and they plan to take action.

Following the DLC’s cancellation, a group of angry fans have come together to file a class action lawsuit against Aspyr Media and publisher Saber Interactive. The lawsuit states that these customers wouldn’t have purchased Star Wars KOTOR 2 in the first place if they knew the Restored Content DLC wasn’t going to release. As the DLC was canned, these fans believe they are owed a full refund.

It’s unclear which way this lawsuit will go, or if it’ll even get off the ground after this filing. We’ll certainly cover whatever happens from here on out, but if you’re hungry for more information, you can dig through the official class action lawsuit filing here.

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