10 Games We Can’t Wait To Play On Xbox Game Pass In 2024

10 Games We Can't Wait To Play On Xbox Game Pass In 2024
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Xbox Game Pass has enjoyed another phenomenal year in 2023, and we’re still not done yet! October and November are shaping up extremely well, and hopefully December will have some fun surprises for us too.

After that, we’re into 2024 – and although there’s still a lot to be announced for next year, we’re already looking at a pretty stacked lineup of major releases coming to Xbox Game Pass over the next 12 months-or-so.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take this chance to look ahead at 10 games we can’t wait to play on Xbox Game Pass in 2024. From Hellblade 2 to Stalker 2, there are some huge AAA titles in the mix here!

Don’t forget that you can check out the entire list of every game announced for Xbox Game Pass in 2024 elsewhere on Pure Xbox, along with the full 2023 list as well. For now though, let’s take a more in-depth look at ten specific games coming to Xbox Game Pass next year that we’re particularly excited for here at Team PX…

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