Review: Manic Mechanics (Nintendo Switch)

Manic Mechanics is a multiplayer party game developed and published by 4J Studios. When I first heard of this game, I got excited to try it out. The trailer reminded me of Overcooked and Moving Out. Now that I’ve played it, let’s see if it lived up to my expectations.

The setting of the game is Octane Isle. The overworld map is split into five hidden areas until you complete the previous area. Your avatar drives around in their car worldwide, moving from level to level.

Nintendo Switch Review of Manic Mechanics |

The first area in Manic Mechanics acts as a tutorial. The game eases you into the gameplay and controls. For example, the first level explains that your goal is to complete as many car fixes as possible before time runs out. These fixes include, but aren’t limited to, replacing a tire, painting a car door, recharging a car battery, and more. The first level only requires you to fix two types of areas, easing you into what will soon become chaotic gameplay.

The controls themselves weren’t too bad. Instead of button mashing at each station, each fix required its own set of controls. For example, flicking the L-analog stick back and forth or pressing and holding the X button until the meter fills. This didn’t bother me much, and the controls popped above your avatar’s head at each station at every level. So, I never needed to memorize what to do for each fix.

Nintendo Switch Review of Manic Mechanics |

Of course, some controls were sticky. Sometimes, I’d refill a tire easily; other times, I struggled to get the controls to do what I wanted. It was almost as if the buttons didn’t register. Whether or not that was the game or my Joy-Con, I’m not sure, but my sister had the same issue with the same set of controls.

Manic Mechanics is a multiplayer game, and I was fortunate to test this one out with my sister. We enjoyed playing together, and I highly recommend playing with friends. I tried playing alone, and while it’s manageable, it wasn’t nearly as fun or entertaining. I also tried playing online with others, but it was rare someone was online at the same time as me.

Overall, there are about 25 levels that are quick and easy to get through. The difficulty does increase the farther you get into the game, but you should be able to beat the whole thing within a few hours.

Nintendo Switch Review of Manic Mechanics |

The boss levels make this game stand out from others like it. The final stage in each area is the main mechanic of that area, challenging you to beat their score. These levels included everything you learned previously. The catch is that the mechanic will throw hindrances at you. For example, they’ll electrocute the floor or steal the cars you’re working on before you can finish them. The bosses were still manageable compared to the rest of the game.

Manic Mechanics, overall, isn’t much of a challenge, especially when playing with two to four friends. However, it is great fun while it lasts. I can see myself going back to this game from time to time with different friends. If you enjoy cooperative party games, then certainly pick this one up.

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