The Most Memorable Games From 2K

The 2K video game company has spent the last 15 years developing and publishing incredible titles and several long-running series. With numerous hits in their catalogue, they have quickly established themselves as one of the best game studios in the United States.

After more than a decade, 2K is still going strong and changing up the industry with every release. Looking back, here are some of the best video game series to come from 2K.


NBA 2K has become the go-to option for basketball fans around the world. If you ask their player base, they will tell you without hesitation that NBA 2K16 was the best release in the history of the franchise. This is just one game that managed to get everything right. From the mechanics of the game to the player of the year, Stephen Curry, on the cover. The game has held up well even after seven years. The graphics are good, the game mechanics are still exceptional, and Curry is still on top of the sport today. The 35-year-old still plays NBA for the Golden State Warriors. Curry and the Warriors are seventh favorites to win the 2023-24 NBA Finals with DraftKings, a highly recommended sportsbook with OddsChecker based on the competitiveness of its welcome promotions and lines.

Over the years, there has been a steady stream of annual additions to the NBA 2K series and this trend will surely continue into the foreseeable future.


BioShock is one of those releases that received stellar reviews and changed the face of gaming forever, while simultaneously putting 2K on the map as one of the best stateside developers. The revolutionary mix of FPS and RPG elements with a retro sci-fi atmosphere captivated audiences upon release in 2007.

The sequels Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite were equally as successful and, together, the series has sold more than 34 million copies. At a time in gaming history where we desperately needed something fresh to come along, Bioshock was there.


Initially published by 2K games and developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands is an exceptionally energetic, manic, and outright thrilling open-world series. The stylish CEI shaded graphics lend well to this comical FPS, and the multiplayer mechanics established the original Borderlands as one of the best online games of the early 2010s.

This series has always been about outrageous fun, tons of unique weapons, and some comedy thrown in for good mix.


Professional wrestling games are as old as the video game industry itself. Just like baseball or football games, wrestling titles started out with basic graphics and mechanics and gradually evolved over time. Publisher 2K has helped to build up the professional wrestling genre with their WWE 2K series.

Despite its age, WWE 2K14 is considered the best installment of the WWE 2K lineup and is as near to perfection as a wrestling game can be. With ultra-smooth gameplay, DLC content, all of the top wrestlers and unique game modes, it has proven to be hard to top this game.


The Mafia series was released by 2K and created by the now defunct 2K Czech (formerly Illusion Softworks.) This crime-based shooter series has had some high and low points over its several releases but always managed to strike a good balance between fun and adventure. As the title suggests, the Mafia series dives deep into the Italian-American crime lore and manages to bring together a playable experience that offers something different to other popular games of the time like the Grand Theft Auto and Driver series.

The Darkness

As an honorable mention, The Darkness is an overlooked gem of the late 2000s. Based on a comic book series of the same name, this game tells a crime-revenge story with supernatural elements mixed in.

So much attention was spent on the atmosphere in this game and its predecessor that the finished product was something very raw and unsettling. From the haunting landscapes to the terrifying sound designs and other horror elements, The Darkness was a complete experience that was satisfying to play.

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