Hitchhiker’s Guide to Doom & Destiny Worlds: Author’s Tips & Tricks Unveiled

Get ready to sail into the realm of Doom & Destiny Worlds, where nerds are heroes, fashion choices are questionable and most “spells” go out in a boom! On the 30th of June you will embark on a journey filled with laughter, friends and some great turn-based strategy!

New players can have a rough time mastering all the game mechanics, so we gathered our top five tips to start your journey with a bang:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Doom & Destiny Worlds: Author’s Tips & Tricks Unveiled

1. Craft your way to victory, for base weapons won’t suffice. Don armor and helmets to boost stats and deter enemy laughter. Wild armor and horned helms are the early-game stars, granting stamina for devastating strikes or sturdy defense. Remember, not all heroes can rock sturdy stone gear, so fit those weaklings with wooden sets. Obtaining a Utility Slot armor is a challenge, but get hold of an Anvil and you can craft a Buckler to gain cost-effective dodges and Stamina boosts for your tank.

2. Your journey begins with a humble “Raft”. But wait, there’s more! Hidden in the inventory of your greedy mentor lies the wonder of the seas, known as the “Raftoise”! Snag it and wave farewell to the humble raft. To secure this nautical gem, complete holy patterns, ignite those magical torches and hunt down “Spaghetti Fireflies” under the cover of night. Gather a bounty of 80 Doom-Stones, trade them for the blueprint, and gather the materials needed. Discover the Mask Blueprint in the Moon Tower, craft a Diving mask, and unlock the seafloor secrets. Dive deep, defeat seafloor foes, and claim seaweed and shells aplenty. Oh, and don’t forget to explore the eastern islands for those precious corals!

3. Build, place, relocate! We’ve all been there: you plonk down something like a Crafting Station, a furnace, a cozy couch, or a snazzy torch, only to realize something is just not right. The position feels off, the alignment is wonky, the feng shui is out of whack, or it’s simply triggering your OCD. So, let me introduce you to the Allen Wrench! With this mighty contraption, you can dismantle anything (man-made) from the ground and stash it in your inventory, granting you the power to relocate it wherever your heart desires, without sacrificing a single resource. But here’s the deal: the Allen Wrench isn’t available right off the bat. You’ll need to reach the lofty heights of constructing an Advanced Crafting Station.

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4. The level-up system thrives on specialization, not flip-flopping about like a confused chicken! When you choose your destiny, my friend, embrace it fully. Start strong by assembling the classic RPG dream team: Tank, Striker, Healer, and Controller, each representing a stat. While a couple of early hiccups won’t ruin your day, spreading your stats too thin will delay your access to those glorious final-tier talents. Remember: a beefy Tank yearns for top-tier protection, his Magic and Agility need to take a back seat. Swift note: the game has grown with heaps of new weapons and armor. Forge mighty “multi-class” builds that transcend the limits of mono-stats, but brace yourself, it’s a challenge for the seasoned heroes.

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5. Magic packs a punch but guzzles Mana Points. Fear not, for MPs slowly replenish at the end of turn or with consumables. Want a tip? In the first turns, the healer might feel a bit useless, so why not make them the designated MP provider for the all-powerful wizard? Unleash powerful spells or debuffs right from the start, aided by the healer’s MP items. For control spells like sleep, let the healer and wizard act last to disable the most dangerous foe. And when it’s time for multi-strike spells, let the healer and wizard steal the spotlight, while the tank and striker polish off the leftovers.

Psst! Are you still with me? Well, congratulations! You’ve unlocked a super-secret multiplayer tip just for you! When you’re playing with friends, only the lucky soul who snags the blueprint gets to craft it. If you are not the chosen one simply send a craft request to your friend using the handy-dandy “Order” option, or better yet, kindly ask them to whip up a copy of the blueprint for you at the trusty Desk.

And finally, let’s tackle the conundrum of confusing inventories. Craft yourself some specialized bags! These marvellous creations possess a magical quality—they collect all loot of a specific type, no matter which player initially claimed it from the ground. Say goodbye to inventory chaos and hello to organized treasure hoarding!

Happy looting and may the spirit of adventure shine upon your quests!

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