Play cozy games in style with the ROG Phone 7 Series

Play cozy games in style with the ROG Phone 7 Series

Welcome to Gaming on the Go, presented by the ASUS ROG Phone 7. This week, we’re looking at some of the best free-to-play relaxing casual games, including cute-as-a-button Cat Snack Bar, the zen Fishing Life, and goth moth game Flutter: Starlight.

Sometimes you want a game that lets your mind drift away. Whether it’s been a hard day at work or you’re already relaxing on the beach, casual mobile games are the perfect way to get a well-earned rest. These games are a tonic for the mind and a treat for the eyes, and the ROG Phone 7 with its sleek design and customizable lighting, is the ultimate portable casual game companion. Gaming doesn’t always have to be adrenaline-fueled, so let’s take a look at the best chill games to play on mobile.

Cat Snack Bar

If you want your games cute, chilled, and cat-based, then Cat Snack Bar will definitely hit the spot. This delicious restaurant management game is filled with adorable kitties looking to build their culinary skills, letting you craft a thriving business that caters to all tastes.

In this idle game with management elements, you’ll make an array of different meals for customers with your growing staff, including refreshing cold drinks, spicy pizza, and delicious muffins. Giving treats to appreciative cats is always a source of joy, but in this game, you’ll be firing out hundreds of delicious dishes per minute as you level up your restaurant. Start as a lemonade stand and soon you’ll have a whole feline food court at your command.

The pastel aesthetics and crisp designs of this adorable game are perfect to enjoy while sipping iced tea in the sun, while you play on your sleek white ROG Phone 7. Using the ROG Phone 7’s nice wide 165Hz AMOLED display, you’ll see every item and every cat in crystal-clear detail, too. With translucent elements, a clean color scheme, and customizable color display on the back panel, even your phone can match your bright summer vibe.

Fishing Life

Fishing and relaxation go hand-in-hand, and this peaceful reel-em-up is no different – minus the awkward setup and variable weather conditions of real-life fishing trips. Grab your net and build an enviable aquarium filled with colorful aquatic life in this half-simulator half-meditation game built to chill you out. 

This zen little game sees you perch on a variety of boats and shorelines, through night and day cycles, casting your net or line into the sea. As a calming soundtrack with ASMR elements plays on, you’ll experience what these still bodies of water have to offer, perhaps even finding some treasure along the way. If you’re a collector at heart, this game will scratch that itch, letting you browse your own aquarium and catch book after a successful haul.

Perfect for lazy days, lying back, and exploring the bounty of the sea from the comfort of your own home, the ROG Phone 7 makes an excellent companion for Fishing Life and games just like it. Lightweight and powerful at the same time, the phone has an eye-catching appearance that’ll have you making a statement even when you’re taking it easy, mobile gaming doesn’t get better than this.

Flutter: Starlight

Butterflies are all well and good, but it’s time to give some credit to the unsung hero of things with wings – the moth. In Flutter: Starlight, the fluffy creatures are the stars of their very own game, giving you the opportunity to build your own forest sanctuary.

Set in a beautiful moonlit forest, Flutter: Starlight lets you track your insect pets throughout their entire life cycle, from cute baby caterpillars to majestic moths. Featuring a mixture of several casual gaming genres, the game puts you in charge of a whole habitat of forest dwellers, finding food for them, and collecting rewards. Expect to bump into some other species, such as frogs and owls, on your journey. 

With over 300 different moth breeds to collect and learn about in the Flutterpedia, this is the ultimate game for a cozy candle-lit night in. The customizable RGB light on the back panel of the ROG Phone 7 means you can match the dark, snug vibe of this game, keeping the lights low for any moths that might want to drop in. 

Whatever mobile game you choose to play, from chilled and cozy to chaotic and colorful, make sure to use the phone made specifically for gamers. The ASUS ROG Phone 7‘s unique and exclusive features make gaming on mobile better than ever. 

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