3008 Roblox – what is it, how to play, characters, and more

If you’re a horror game fan, you’ve likely heard of the SCP Foundation. There’s a whole host of SCP games out there, but did you know that the foundation has a branch inside Roblox? In 3008 Roblox you can experience the horror of SCP-3008 or as it’s more commonly known, the Infinite Ikea. Keep reading to find out what exactly lurks between the Blåhajs and the Djungelskogs.

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Let’s enter the infinite furniture store and find everything you need to know about 3008 Roblox.

What is 3008 Roblox?

3008 is a Roblox horror experience based on SCP-3008, otherwise known as the Infinite Ikea. During the day you explore the massive store looking for base-building and survival supplies that you then use to survive the night against the roaming SCP-3008-2, or the Employees.

How do I play 3008 Roblox?

You can play 3008 by clicking the link to take you to the game’s page on the Roblox website. Just make sure you have Roblox installed and then hit the big, green play button.

3008 Roblox characters

Other than your fellow Roblox players, the main characters you meet in 3008 are the SCP-3008-2 ‘employees’. These are humanoid beings with no facial features who are dressed in yellow stripey tops and denim jeans that look like the classic Ikea uniform. Their badges say ‘Rokea’ instead of Ikea. The employees can also have a range of other different exaggerated body parts.

3008 Roblox – what is it, how to play, characters, and more

Regular Employee

These are the most common and least dangerous enemies in 3008. They chase you if you approach them or whistle at them during the night cycle, but they can’t run faster than you unless it’s a Blood Night. Regular employees can move at 2.5x your run speed during Blood Nights and can also jump higher.

Sub-types of regular employees include:

  • Buff – uses the superhero Roblox avatar bundle
  • Block – uses body parts from a range of Roblox avatar bundles
  • Man – uses the man Roblox avatar bundle
  • Woman – uses the woman Roblox avatar bundle

3008 Roblox: A wide employee character from 3008 outlined in white and pasted on a blurred background

Wide Employee

A bizarre combination of the woman employee’s upper body and the blocky legs of the classic Roblox avatar. Their attack damage is completely randomized.

3008 Roblox: Hubert from 3008 outlined in white and pasted on a blurred background


Hubert joined the Rokea staff as part of the April Fool’s 2020 update and deals considerably more damage than regular employees. If you miss him, you can spawn him in your VIP servers.

3008 Roblox: Harold outlined in white andd pasted on a blurred background


Harold looks like if you put a regular employee into Superhot. He’s much more polygonal than the other employees but still wears the same uniform and has no facial features. He appeared as part of the April Fool’s 2021 update and has a special ability that lets him pick up and fling placed objects.

3008 Roblox: Ben (a pair of Roblox legs) outlined in white and pasted on a blurred background


Surprisingly not an April Fool’s enemy, Ben is just a set of legs. Don’t let your guard down though – Ben’s small stature means low aisles are no longer safe hiding spots and many players have mistaken it for a glitched employee, resulting in their untimely demise.

There you have it, everything you need to know about 3008 Roblox. If you’re looking for a new challenge to test your strength in the wild, check out our lists of the best survival games on mobile and the best Switch survival games.

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