🔴Livestream🔴 Lies of P XBOX SERIES X DEMO Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Pinocchio Bloodborne

Let’s Play Lies of P DEMO FULL GAME XBOX SERIES X Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Lies of P XBOX SERIES X FULL GAME Let’s Play XBOX SERIES X Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Lies of P XBOX SERIES X Ending – Lies of P On XBOX SERIES X. This Lies of P Has All Main Missions, All Lies of P Cutscenes, And An Lies of P Ending. Please Support this Video. Leave a Like, Share to all your Friends and Subscribe.


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What’s up my name is Malcolm and I’m just here to provide Entertainment for all of you, I Primarily do ”Gameplay Walkthrough” Videos and Livestreams (BUT) Sometimes I’ll do Let’s Play Videos. On my Walkthroughs I do “Commentary and No Commentary” (The Best of both worlds). I also love All sorts of Video Games, Anime, and Food. I also have 2 dogs Cassie the Rat Terrier and Jr the Husky.

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About the game:

A mysterious voice beckons, but will you answer its call for help? Find new allies, face gruesome foes, and begin to discover the secrets hidden within the fallen city of Krat in the new demo for Lies of P from NEOWIZ.

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