MORE NEW VR GAMES just announced! 2023 is HEATING UP… // NEW Quest 2, PCVR & PSVR2 games

A strong line-up of new VR games was just announced at the Meta Gaming Showcase, these new VR games were primarily focused on Quest 2 (and the newly announced Quest 3) but SOME will also be available on PSVR 2 and PCVR! This years Meta Gaming Showcase was my favourite so far, with games like Assassins Creed VR, Asgards Wrath 2, Powerwash Simulator VR and Bulletstorm VR leading the charge and plenty more looking fantastic. All of the games announced, so everything in this video, will be compatible with Quest 2, Quest 3 and the Quest Pro at the very least but many will also be available for PSVR 2 so regardless of your platform of choice VR fans are eating well for the next 12 months. Everything here will be out within the year as long as there are no unexpected delays to development so you can expect to dive into games like Stranger Things VR, Arizona Sunshine 2 and Ghostbusters VR in the next 12 months… things are really heating up in the world of VR!

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