Here’s where the Microsoft-Activision deal stands around the world

You’d feel bad for Microsoft were it not a globe-spanning, multi-trillion dollar Goliath. After chalking up win after win after win—approvals from national regulators in Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Japan, Serbia, South Africa, and Chile—in its quest to acquire Activision Blizzard, it’s washed up on similar rocky, regulatory shores that scuppered the Nvidia/ARM deal last year. 

The US FTC is looking increasingly sceptical and the UK has already given the acquisition a flat (and surprising) ‘no,’ but they’re not the only ones with a say in how this goes. While Microsoft and Activision fight their appeal in the UK, the acquisition continues to face scrutiny by national regulators all over the world. Here’s how the deal’s faring in territories currently examining it. You can use the map below to get a quick, at-a-glance look at where the deal stands around the world (click each country for more details), or use the index system on the left to jump to the deal’s approvals, rejections, and maybes, with links to relevant information and stories.

The Big No

United Kingdom

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Microsoft and Activision were left to sputter denunciations when the UK market regulator handed down its unexpected rejection on April 26, 2023. Both companies have forecast economic doom for the UK and—to rub salt in a tender political wound—publicly remarked on how much easier it is for tech to do business in the EU at the moment.

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