Dive Into the Pixelated World of Hammerwatch II

Gather your heroes and explore the pixelated regions of Hammerwatch II. The Kingdom of Herian has been overtaken by Blight the Horrible and his dragon army who have succeeded in their sinister plot to overthrow the rightful King Roland and bring destruction across the land. It’s up to you and your most trusted companions to defeat these forces of evil and restore the peace.

This latest addition to the Hammerwatch franchise allows the player to move out of the dungeons and explore the pixel world like never before. While still in keeping with the dungeon crawling action of the original title, Hammerwatch II opens up the player to beautiful new regions, lush with nature and opportunities to help your fellow villager. Read below about some of the regions to uncover.                    .

Hammer Island

Hammer Island is where Castle Hammerwatch towers over the beautiful coastal town of Haart’s Landing. The island is lush and beautiful with a wonderful shoreline and plenty of flora… just watch beware of ravenous wolves and creepy crawlers. The local inhabitants are friendly, but in need of support as they live in fear of the savage pirate leader, Matt Sinkage, and his ruthless band of pirates who constantly ravage the village. In Hammerwatch lore, this island is notably where the Blight’s red dragon, Worldfire, had its watch before it was slain by a group of valiant heroes.

Dive Into the Pixelated World of Hammerwatch II

The Fallowfields

The Fallowfields were once home to the rightful King and his merry men. These days, they are not so merry as they are hiding amongst the gunk down in the sewers below Aventurine City. The deposed King’s evil brother Archibald has partnered with Blight and has soldiers patrolling the streets above them, while he himself sits on the stolen throne inside Castle Superbia.


Blackbarrow is the roughlands to the north and where the Firefox and Yellow Jackets lurk. Banning Jane, the Judge Supreme, rules from within the Obsidian Spire. The town of Sild, which is seated in Blackbarrow, has seen far better days… better before being destroyed by Blight’s black dragon Doombringer, who watches over the world from up here somewhere…

Highlands of Lockdey

Mixed within its brush and woods, fields and meadows, the evil Archibald has chosen the Highlands to be the spot where he has planted his war machines and pointed them towards the ocean. He hopes to prevent any foreign fleet coming to his brother, the rightful King’s aid. The people in Ambrose Retreat cheer evil Archibald on, but the partisans in the woods loathe him!

Travel through these various regions in Hammerwatch II and uncover what beauty and adversaries the world has to offer. Dare to venture alone or gather your band of heroes to take on this epic quest. Just watch out for the Dragon.

Hammerwatch II is coming this year to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. For more information on Hammerwatch II, visit, join the Hammerwatch Universe Discord or follow @modusgames on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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