Nintendo shares ‘Close the distance with Switch’ commercial

Nintendo absolutely loves to release ‘lifestyle’ commercials for the Switch. They’ve been taking this approach pretty much since the Switch’s release, and they continue it today with a new spot that you can see above.

In today’s video, Nintendo puts the focus on a pair of parents who are coming to visit their adult daughter, and it appears they’re meeting her partner for the first time. As you might expect, the conversation gets off to a bit of a rough start between the dad and his daughter’s partner.

What’s the perfect way to break the ice in a situation like this? According to Nintendo, it’s Nintendo Switch Sports! The daughter’s partner offers up a round of golf, and the two hit the links and become fast friends. Then the mother/daughter come back into the room and all four start up a game of tennis.

It’s sugary sweet and we’ve seen the premise a million times before, but it’s still a nice spot that shows how Nintendo Switch Sports can bring the family together for a bit of fun.

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