Persona 5 Tactica Confirmed For Switch, Persona 3 Reload Not Confirmed – News

Watch the Switch 2 get the version with the female main character. (Too soon?)

Half of the rumored Persona pair that leaked Thursday is confirmed for Switch, but the 2024 portion will miss the platform.

The website for Persona 5 Tactica – the strategy RPG starring the vanilla Persona 5 cast – has updated to include Switch on its platform list. It was officially unveiled during Microsoft’s summer presentation this past weekend, alongside the launch date of November 17, and due to a presumed exclusivity deal the announcements for other platforms were held.

Persona 3 Reload – a groundup Unreal Engine remake of the original Persona 3 – and the Persona team’s new fantasy RPG project Metaphor: ReFantazio were announced in the same presentation, and Reload’s website has updated to show PlayStation 4/5 and Steam as platforms but no Switch. Metaphor has not had any update of additional platforms as of press time, but as it was announced solely for Xbox Series and PC first it can be assumed that it will be announced for PS5 in short order.

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