Random: ‘Killer Bean’ Is Going Viral Once Again, And It’s Apparently Coming To Xbox

Random: ‘Killer Bean’ Is Going Viral Once Again, And It’s Apparently Coming To Xbox
Image: Killer Bean on YouTube

Remember Killer Bean? This is a character that started out in YouTube shorts before eventually getting a movie called Killer Bean Forever in 2008, and now there’s a game in development that is seemingly coming to Xbox.

It was actually all the way back in 2021 when the Killer Bean game was first announced, and since then it’s been racking up millions of views on YouTube, with many more coming via social media. For example, a gameplay video that was posted to the Twitter page yesterday has already acquired over 500,000 views and 14,000 likes!

The Killer Bean game is targeting a PC release first, but then the plan is to port it to “all major consoles”. It’s aiming for an early access launch later in 2023, so it’s probably best not to expect this one on Xbox for quite a while – but at least it sounds like we’ll be getting it eventually.

In terms of what to expect, it’s described as a “third person, roguelike shooter” featuring “totally procedurally generated missions and story”, meaning no two campaigns are the same.

We’ll drop some more details below, and hopefully we won’t be waiting too long to try it for ourselves.

“This is a third person, roguelike shooter. Every time you start a new single player campaign, everything changes. The locations change, the missions change, the characters change, the bosses change, and most of all, the story changes. Characters who you trusted before, may turn against you. Enemies who tried to kill you, may end up helping you. Simple missions can turn into deadly traps. No two campaigns are the same.”

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