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Enter the Spider-Verse in the Next Season of ‘Marvel Snap’ – TouchArcadeWe’re on the final leg of the latest season in Marvel Snap (Free), which means it’s just about time to bid a fond farewell to the Guardians of the Galaxy.  But when King Kirby closes a door, he opens a window. In case you didn’t know, there’s a new Marvel movie out now: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The perfect chance for some Spidey related shenanigans in the new season starting next week, I’d say. And so would developer Second Dinner, because it’s just about time for some Spider-Versus.

The video below tells most of the tale, but let’s go through some of it. First of all, new cards. Ghost-Spider (Spider-Gwen) is your Season Pass card this time. 2-Cost, 3-Power, with an On-Reveal ability to move the last card you played to this location. The Season Pass will also get you the usual variants and other goodies for your $9.99. Rolling in weekly after the event starts will be Spider-Ham, Spider-Man 2099, and Silk. They’ll be added to the Series 4 and Series 5 pools and will be highlighted in the Token Shop for a week each. There are some interesting new possibilities here for people playing movement-based decks!

There are also a couple of new locations, as usual. At Aunt May’s, the first card you play will get +3 Power and be moved to another location. This of course mirrors how Peter keeps moving out of and back into Aunt May’s house because of his poor adulting skills. The other new location is the Great Web. After each turn, it will pick one player at random and move one of their cards to it. More rewards for building movement decks, basically. Use those Spiders.

Conquest Mode will also kick off this season, thought it will likely come midway through the month. There are three different difficulty levels in this mode to tackle, and each of them will reward you with tickets for the higher levels and some of the new Medals, which can be traded in at the Conquest Shop for a variety of goodies. The higher the challenge you clear, the more medals you’ll scoop up. It’s essentially Battle Mode with more of a purpose to it, and since it depends on consecutive wins it will really put your deckbuilding and tactical skills to the test.

And that’s that, it seems. I know I’m excited, but I would be, wouldn’t I? Spider-Ham! I know a certain game that is a lock for a coveted UMMSotW award in a couple weeks, that’s for sure. What do you think about this new season? Are you ready to enter the Spider-Verse? Or are you just going to stick to your normal decks? Feel free to thwip on down to the comments and let me know!

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