Nintendo explains their Dolphin emulator DMCA, says the project ‘stifles innovation’

Just a couple of days back, Nintendo hit Valve with a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint over a Steam listing for the Dolphin emulator, which lets people play Wii and GameCube titles. Valve reached out to the team behind the emulator to let them know of the issue, which is why Valve yanked the listing from their digital storefront.

The Dolphin team has said that the planned Steam launch has now been ‘indefinitely postponed.’ Along with that, the developers behind Dolphin are “currently investigating options” for their future, but you can bet Nintendo will be watching their every move along the way.

While we heard about this fiasco last week, Nintendo has actually offered further comment on the matter. A Nintendo spokesperson has shared a statement with Kotaku about the DMCA, and it not only explains why Nintendo went after the emulation team, but also why Nintendo so aggressively fights emulation in general.

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