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If you have been a reader of this website in any way over the years, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard one of us singing the praises of the Super Cat Tales series at some point in time. The original set the benchmark for unique and intuitive platforming controls on a touchscreen back in 2016, and its 2018 sequel raised the bar in every possible category. All of this was done with a level of polish and personality that you rarely see in mobile original games. At the risk of sounding hyperbolical, Super Cat Tales 1 & 2 felt as close to something made by Nintendo themselves as we have ever gotten on the mobile platform, including things made by actual Nintendo! For reference, please check out our 5 star review of the original and our Game of the Week write-up for the sequel. Now the third mainline game in the series, Super Cat Tales: PAWS, is here to continue that tradition.

I’m shorter on time than usual so I’m not going to elaborate too much further. Super Cat Tales: PAWS is free with ads so it’s easy enough to try for yourself, and there’s a one-time $4.99 IAP to remove those ads and cut the price of in-game items in half. There are a few other IAP things you can buy but nothing gross or essential, basically the same type of IAP that’s been in the previous two games. If you’re already a Super Cat Tales fan then chances are you’ve already snagged this one and are having a blast, but if you don’t fall into that camp yet I highly recommend at least checking the free portions of any of these three games. If you’re the type who has struggled with mobile platformers in the past due to virtual buttons then the entire Super Cat Tales series is for you, and while it takes a bit to wrap your head around these novel controls once you do you’ll never look back. Ok I’ll say it: This is the Mario of the mobile platform.

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