The only racing game series I’ve ever cared about has hit the 5 million player milestone, now bring on the dubstep

A mere three months after it finally hit Steam and (probably more importantly, I admit) nine days after it hit consoles, Ubisoft’s live-service Trackmania has hit the 5 million player milestone. Ubisoft celebrated hitting the number in a tweet posted to the company’s account yesterday.

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Ubisoft didn’t say explicitly that it’s managed to acquire those players thanks to Trackmania’s new presence on consoles and Steam, but it’s not exactly a dastardly riddle to figure out. The game originally released as a Ubisoft and Epic Games Store exclusive back in 2020, before sneaking onto Steam last February. Finally, it hit consoles on May 15 (it was meant to hit Stadia too, but, well, we all know how that turned out)

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